Jimmy Fallon NE6 & Emma Stone NE2

These videos are certainly watchable for their entertainment value, but it is also an incredible example of the movement and energy created by Natural Energy 6 and 2.  You can see Jimmy Fallon pop his chest, all his movement is centered around the chest, his intensity and aliveness is communicated through the movement.  Very cool.  This is just fun, cool, and can teach you so much about NE 6 and 2.

When identifying a person's energy from photos, videos and performance it can be very tricky. Photoshop, makeup, poses, clothing and plastic Surgery can change the natural structure and energy presentation. Emma Stone often wears intense eye makeup which changes the look of her bright and available Natural Energy 2 eyes. The most reliable method of identification is through hand-to-hand, but our attachments, thoughts, ideas can easily get in the way, even when meeting hand-to-hand. This is part of why Natural Energy is sometimes difficult to see out in the world.

Also, as Natural Energy 2 Christina Denny, said to me "A good Natural Energy 2 actor is not Natural Energy 2 they are every one." The ability of Natural Energy 2 to match the intensity of others, to merge with them, to create relationship through whatever is going on enables them to become almost anything. As Jimmy Fallon raises his intensity, so does Emma Stone. She is able to engage with him full-on no holding back. It's incredible.

Here are some photos of Emma Stone that Show her NE 2 facial expression of activation. Notice the neutral tone in the face and clear quality in the eyes, unless they are in engagement. When they engage the eyes brighten and the cheeks pucker roundly. the neutral place is a place ready and available for engagement - they are always ready to engage in relationship with others:

Emma Stone Natural Energy 2

Emma Stone - Natural Energy 2

Emma Stone - Natural Energy 2

Emma Stone - Natural Energy 2


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