What is Up for 2018?

Susan Fisher and Morten Nygård talk about the Worldwide Symposium for the 9 Natural Energies.
People committed to being part of the direction setting community convene in Bozeman, Montana March 16-18.  Susan and Morten are presenting the plans and implications for the event.

Susan and Morten also talk about their recent experiences with their new workshops.  9 Energies has a new structure for Advanced training. The new focus on  head, chest and core of the body is providing fresh insights into the Natural Energies.  Susan talks about their latest learning and insights into 2-4-8.  Morten discusses insights from working deeply with body movement to elicit the strength of a person's commitment.

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  • The full video series: Conversations with Susan and Morten
  • Playlists with music videos of Public Figures.  Obviously, we have not yet worked hand-to-hand with all of the Public Figures.  With sufficient evidence from face shape, eye quality, body structure, movement, and voice quality we are able to make a determination about their Natural Energy.  To be 100% certain we must work hand-to-hand.
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