Tessa Virtue, Natural Energy 2 and Scott Moir, Natural Energy 7

Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue demonstrates Natural Energy 7 and 2 together.

We had a great opportunity in the 2018 Olympics to compare Scott Moir, Natural Energy 7 and Tessa Virtue, Natural Energy 2 directly with  Gabriella Papdakis, Natural Energy 7 and Guillaume Cizeron, Natural Energy 1.  Each couple was incredibly compelling, and it is amazing the difference the energy combinations create.

Natural Energy 7 and 2 together create a dynamic and exciting combination. The Natural Energy 2 brings alive the movement and dynamism in the relationship, and the Natural Energy 7 makes anything become possible in movement. You will see Scott Moir leading all of his movement from his forehead. He connects directly with Tessa Virtue, more with the third eye area than with his physical eyes. He often creates a lovely line from forehead to back heel - further strengthening his connection to his Natural Energy's power.

By contrast, Virtue, Natural Energy 2 is in full engagement both through her upper abs as well as her eye contact. She swivels easily around the upper-abdominal area.  It is most visible in her lifts where you can see this part of her body sticking way out. When she generates power in her skating again you see her lead with he upper abdomen. Her engagement with Moir is constant and at full intensity throughout the performance. He becomes more alive and engaged through her presence on the ice.

The combination was so exciting in their Gold medal final performance it got them the slight edge over their competitors Papdakis and Cizeron. Both combinations 7-2 and 7-1 are incredibly compelling and irresistible. The 7-1 combination created a connection to our ethereal nature, the mystery and majesty of our human experience, contrasted with dynamic, energetic, and possibility expanding combination of 2 and 7. You get a good lesson in the difference any two energies create when brought together in deep connection. The physicality of the skating demands that the performers move very deeply into connection with themselves and the manifestation of the Natural Energy. When you watch a skater in a place of fear and competitiveness, often it falls short and loses its compelling nature. When a skater finds their Natural Energy's beauty it becomes compelling, and when combined with peak performance, it is breath taking.

Movement from the Natural Energy Center Creates Power and Balance:

Here are some great shots of Virtue and Moir where you can see them leading with the movement center related to their Natural Energy:

Virtue extends at the upper-abdomen as Moir, 7 stabilizes her around her 2 movement center

Facial expressions of activation of Virtue and Moir Natural Energy 2 and 7

Both Virtue and Moir are in their positions of activation for 7 and2


Here you see their facial expressions of Activation

Moir focuses with his brow, you feel the energy of his gaze more from his third eye area, and his eyes take on an infinite ethereal quality.  In contrast, Virtue's face remains evenly toned until it lights up in connection and her eyes sparkle with engagement.

Young pictures of Tessa Virtue,2 and Scott Moir 7

Facial Expressions of strength Tessa Virtue,2 and Scott Moir 7

Tessa Virtue 2, Scot Moir 7 as kids


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