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9 Energies has had the wonderful experience here in Bozeman to work with a team of young men who have been creating a new social app that lets friends post when they are free to hang-out, or post fun things to do and invite others to join.  The idea was the brainchild of Waylon Roberts, Natural Energy 2. He realized that we are so incredibly busy, then when we have time we never know who is available to hang-out or what fun is going on. Texting is woefully inadequate to bring a community together at the spur of the moment.

For the past year Waylon Roberts (NE2), Sage Smith (NE6), Branson Faustini (NE1), Jake Petek (NE9), and Austin Boutin (NE3) have been spending their free time every weekend working on their app "Polo the Social Calendar".  Waylon enlisted his roommates, all studying Computer Science at Montana State University.  Sage understood the aliveness of this idea and took on the reins to write the software. He worked tirelessly creating the function of the application. Waylon invited Branson Faustini, Natural Energy 1, to bring his creative energy to designing the user interface and graphic design for Polo.Jake and Austin couldn't resist getting involved and the team was created.

Polo compares user's schedules so that they can avoid the hassle of comparing everyone's schedule and focus on the people in their life that matter. The app will be launching next month.

Polo app screen shot
Polo App Screen Shot

Here is what Waylon has to say about their experience creating the app:
"Sage is our work horse, he spent nearly every waking moment last summer either at work or working on Polo.  I'm usually trying to keep everyone in the company happy, but that's sometimes not always the best thing.  Branson pulls amazing art out of nowhere... sometimes we think he is some kind of magician.  We all work better when Jake is involved.  But generally we are a team of friends that works well together. We are excited to learn more about our energies so that we can continue to develop as a team and understand each other's roles, not only in our company but as partners traveling down the life road."

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