Susan & Martin Fisher Put Solvatech on-hold to Focus on 9 Energies

Susan and Martin FisherSusan and Martin Fisher founded Solvatech, a website design company in 2010.  We have had a great run, learned a lot about how to apply technology for the benefit of 9 Energies, and met a lot of great people.  We are putting Solvatech on-hold, except for the occasional project.  We will continue to support any of our existing clients or point them toward other resources.  Our goal for 2016 is to bring the full energy of our creative experience to bear on communicating about 9 Energies out in the world.

For more information on what we are doing - explore this website in more depth.  Stay in contact with us!  If you want to identify your Natural Energy, let us know and we will find a way to get to you in the future.

With Gratitude to our Solvatech customers who assisted us in reaching this point.

Susan and Martin Fisher

9 Energies