Susan Fisher & Morten Nygård talk about the Upcoming Worldwide Symposium

Over the Ides of March a Ground Breaking Gathering is Taking Shape

Register for the Worldwide Symposium for the 9 Natural Energies March 16-18, 2018, in Bozeman MT.

A creation of  Susan Fisher, Natural Energy 6 and Morten Nygård, Natural Energy 3, listen to them talk about their vision and hopes for the upcoming event.

Over 33 people have registered, from Norway, the East and West Coast of the U.S. and the Bozeman MT area, where the event is being held at the 9 Energies Center. We have all 9 Energies registered, at least three of each Natural Energy, it is roughly equal women & men, and we have a great representation of ages from teens through 60's.  We will be working on how to describe the individual energies gifts and experiences.  Definitions for key words that we use to describe our realities will be developed for words like integrity, intuition, energy, empathy, authenticity, presence.  These words each mean something different for each Natural Energy. We will also create a clear, defined, specific way to describe this understanding such that all 9 Energies can understand and articulate it's meaning.

If you feel called to join us, please do!  Registration closes March 9th.

We also are offering events in the week prior:

We also are offering the audio as a Podcast:

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