Stasia Owen – Board Member, Natural Energy 5

Stasia Owen, Natural Energy 5, by Tonya LesleyStasia Owen's Natural Energy 5 was Identified in January 2016. Stasia is a life learner, always looking to add new skills to her abilities as a Therapist in her practice here in Bozeman. She recognizes the importance of the knowledge of the 9 Energies when integrated into her understanding of herself and into her work with clients.
Susan identifying NE5 Stasia Owen
She has continued to explore and study 9 Energies and its impact in helping her grow and learn about herself, her connections, and her work with others. She regularly refers clients to 9 Energies and integrates 9 Energies into her work. As a somatic (mind-body) oriented therapist, she finds 9 Energies benefits her clients in deepening their awareness and appreciation of themselves and others as they progress in their work.

9 Energies