Stacey Tompkins – Collaborator

Susan Fisher met Stacey Tompkins, Natural Energy 5, in Bozeman, Montana and they got curious about what it would be like to collaborate, combining Breathwork and Natural Energy Identification. Susan, Martin and Stacey have been very pleased with the powerful impact of the  combination of 9 Energies with the modality of Breathwork. They continue to offer this combination experience around Montana. See our Calendar for upcoming Events.

Stacey Tompkins, Natural Energy 5

About Stacey:

Stacey Tompkins is a woman who loves to connect to curiosity. She’s a wide-eyed wanderer, a skilled therapist, an integral facilitator, hypnotherapist, listener and straight-talker. She's traveled to many corners of our globe and gathered precious gems of wisdom and experience. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from University of San Diego, she earned a Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, Seattle. She’s also earned Advanced Certification in Hypnotherapy and Breathwork as well as Certification in Integral Coaching. After her adventure as a Peace Corps Volunteer (Mali, ‘88), she launched what became a series projects and jobs that connected her to the deep work of supporting, facilitating and engaging in the hard work that is striving for the highest human potential.

She has gained a humanizing perspective about work, meaning, connection, family and community through her life's experiences, challenges and changes.

Stacey works in her private practice called Sungate Integral Coaching in the heart of Bozeman, Montana. She also has a thriving hypnotherapy practice called Awakened Heart Hypnotherapy. She works with couples, individuals, teens, and groups, offering retreats, workshops, adventures, and deep, honest learning. She loves to write and has published articles about parenting, development, and the messiness and beauty of the human condition. She appreciates all kinds of ceremonial experiences, speaks fluent Spanish, and is fascinated with everything that invites humans to wake up.

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