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With the passing of Sir Alan Rickman we want to honor his Natural Energy 5 gift to the world.  People who share Natural Energy 5 have a tremendous ability to bring empathy, intuition and a huge capacity for knowledge together to produce new understanding.  They are generous with their sharing of what they do understand and know.  They use this great capacity to assist us in understanding what we know, recognizing what we don't know, and holding an ever present commitment to not believing everything we hear, but rather to take responsibility for investigating it's truth.  Natural Energy 5 can be the voice of reason amongst vociferous believers, always challenging us to question our beliefs, fact check what we hear, and be in integrity about what we say out in the world.

As Severus Snape, Alan Rickman showed us the underlying selflessness an NE5 can demonstrate, yes it was part of his screen character, but he did it in a very NE5-like way.  If a path is for the greater good, will be the right thing, NE5 will put aside their personal needs for the benefit of other.  They do not need recognition and accolades for this.

NE5 also have a tremendous ability to reinvent themselves.  Alan Rickman made a tremendous villain, and he remade himself over and over with each character that he created.  His NE5ness was always present and powerful - his irreverence, his sense of humor, his big picture understanding.  There was always a sense of something greater that he understood, that he would share eventually, when ready.  Sometimes it takes time for Natural Energy 5 to make the connections of understanding, other times their ability is lightening fast.

Here are some images that show Sir Alan Rickman's facial expression of activation, in the first video he reads Shakespeare - notice how understandable it sounds when he reads:

Alan Rickman - Natural energy 5 Alan Rickman - Natural energy 5

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