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Rene - Natural Energy 7I first found 9 energies in 2013, in Black Rock Desert passing its tent with a sign that read 'discover your superpower' . I was intrigued to say the least! When Susan did my reading it was a mix of Kinesthetic tests, some of it like a dance. Again, in unfamiliar territory and even more intrigued! I found out I am natural energy 7, super power at the third eye, and I relate to this even more- the more I know. I also feel my profile picture here may be a perfect depiction of NE 7.

It also helps to know other people with different natural energy centers have a different way of relating to the world, and to keep this in mind with relationships. I would love to be involved in any long distance learning or online workshops, until we meet again. Riveting!


Renee - Natural Energy 7


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