Path to Wholeness: Morten Nygård, Natural Energy 3

Path To Wholeness: Morten Nygård, Natural Energy 3 with Susan Bennett Fisher

Season 1, Episode 2

Susan Bennett Fisher interviews Morten Nygård about what it means to live in the body of Natural Energy 3.  Morten talks about the experience in his youth, how he found out his Natural Energy and how he uses the skills and gifts on a daily basis.  People with Natural Energy 3 have a tremendous ability to focus.  Morten shows what this looks like.  Each Natural Energy has particular movement that supports them, in this video you get to see the movement that supports his nature.

Morten talks about being a young natural Energy 3 and how at an incredibly young age his focus was already very developed. He also talks about how he could easily entertain himself out in nature.  He talks about social anxiety and how he overcomes it.  He also shares how he has learned to give invitation and time to others in creating connection.  And he has learned to allow his beautiful smile develop through the connection.

He shares the impact of identification and exploring his Natural Energy and the impact of that experience.

Music is "Need" (2013 Burning Man Edit) by AmpliPhi (OpenOptics & Dusty Nix)

Morten's face and body are good examples of Natural Energy - longer narrow face, round focused eyes that sparkle when he activates. In this photo he is bringing out the joy in Susan Bennett Fisher just by his presence, even with his eyes closed.  Morten learns from others by being with others, and he can experience life through others.  In being with others he can begin to see what people want to create in their life.

Morten Nygard brings out the joy in Susan Bennett Fisher

Susan and Morten have had many conversations over the years.  Please subscribe to our youtube channel to see all of our informational videos.

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