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Learn More About Susan Bennett Fisher and Developing 9 Energies

Morten Nygård interviews Susan Bennett Fisher about her work developing 9 Energies and how the work developed her along with it. Susan talks about where and how she learned about the specificity of the physiologies, and how to see them around you.She talks about how the experience of Identification and learning to activate all 9 Natural Energies in her body expanded her capacity to be with others.

Music is "Need" (2013 Burning Man Edit) by AmpliPhi (OpenOptics & Dusty Nix)

Susan talks about how their experiences at 5 Burning Man Festivals shaped their understanding of the specificity of the physiologies of the 9 Natural Energies.  Susan worked with up to 100 people a day, of 50+ nationalities, almost all races, and varied cultures.  She worked with 10-20 people per Natural Energy per day.  This allowed he to get a distinct understanding of how the bodies and faces look, the body tone, how people feel in the different postures and how to build a powerful encounter with each person.  They also developed how they described each of the energy with very specific words and concepts.  They realized that if what they were saying didn't resonate with the participant they needed to either keep working or find a way for the description to resonate.  In conversations with participants after the identification experience they got great feedback, honed the descriptions using the commonality of experience across Natural Energy.

Working with couples they gained a deeper insight into how different Natural Energies couple up, and work together in those pairings.  They began to build a picture of the challenges and the magic of the different combinations.

Susan details the basic physical features of each of the Natural Energies in this interview.

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