What’s Next

We are Excited That you Want to Learn More:

Once you know your Natural Energy learning more, developing a practice, immersing yourself in the community of people exploring this knowledge will accelerate your learning and growth on your path to full empowerment. There is a progression to this Empowerment Process that we recommend you explore.

Here is what you can do on your own:

1. Join our On-line Communities

2. Practice the Physical Activation of Your Natural Energy Using our On-line Resources



3. Purchase our book to understand the other Natural Energies and how this system empowers you.

9 Energies Practices for PresenceOur book, "9 Energies: Practices for Presence - Body-Based Insight for Living a Life of Purpose", will help you to understand your Natural Energy in context of the whole, and provide a pathway for transformation. If you follow the steps laid out in the book you will be happier and more able to create the reality in which you want to live. The book also offers a simple reminder of how to activate your Natural Energy by adjusting your posture.


Here is what you can do in the Montana community:

Here in Montana we offer three on-going, in-person events to identify, cultivate, and explore your awareness, experience, and access to the power of your Natural Energy :

  • Identification Events: Free events where you can discover your Natural Energy. Open to all, first time participants, friends and family of participants, or to learn more come and observe.
  • Exploration Events: 2-hour study-group style events where we work with the people and Natural Energies present in the room. Explore this work in community with others. With pre-approval you can be identified at these events. We usually have only one or two identifications.
  • Activation Training: We are offering one Activation Training Program Sept 20-22, 2019 designed to introduce you to the activation of all nine Natural Energies, this is a pilot program and our next in-depth programs will not be offered again for a year.

We also offer collaborative events with providers of different modalities here in Bozeman, and other practitioners offer their modalities at our 9 Energies Research Center.

Book a Private/Group Event for your family, community or workgroup

Having support in your learning, and having a community in which to explore, share and practice is vitally important to keep your learning growing.  For families and private groups we offer free Identification events.

For Companies and other organized Groups we offer Identification/Leadership Workshops where we identify and teach skills for working together more effectively.  Bring this Empowerment System to your workplace!

See our Calendar to register for:

*Other collaborators offer workshops at our facility, these events do not include 9 Energies or identification unless specifically noted on the event.

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