Natural Energy 7 – Starter Pack


This package is designed to provide you the core information about the body you live in. Each of us has a different physiology that has specific characteristics, movement patterns, and structure. Understanding your Natural Energy, how it presents, how to access it’s strength and share it as a gift consciously with others is the next step to understanding your innate power and strength.

This package will remind you of the attributes of your physiology and teach you haw to adjust your body to access it’s natural way of being. Included in this package are:

  • A Video on physiology and activation
  • A PDF on the  values, skills and gifts of your Natural Energy
  • The Book 9 Energies – Practices For Presence: Body-based Insight for Living a Life of Purpose,
  • A symbol sticker for your Natural Energy

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9 Energies - Practices for Presence

9 Energies - Practices for Presence: Body Based Insight for Living a Life of Purpose, by Susan Bennett Fisher.  The first book describing the 9 human physiologies, Fisher writes in a straight forward style about the body attributes, the essential truths, and the process that knowing your Natural Energy begins.

Your copy will be signed by the author when you order directly from 9 Energies!

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Natural Energy Symbol Sticker

Symbol Sticker for your Natural Energy.


The Physiology and Activation of Natural Energy 7

This package includes two videos. One describes the parts of the body that reflect the Physiology of the Natural Energy. The second describes how to use the specific muscles and bones of each physiology to create an active awareness of the empowering aspect of your Natural Energy.

Natural Energy 7 Overview

PDf of Natural Energy 7 Values, Skills and gifts.


The next step after Identification of your Natural Energy is to begin to learn more about your Natural Energy. There are very specific attributes of your being that reflect your Natural Energy. Learning about the physiology and how to create the activation in your body helps you to understand the gifts and magic your Natural Energy offers to you and to others.

Most people do not remember what we tell them after they experience their identification, it is only by coming back, learning more, that people can understand what this means and how to apply it in everyday life.

This package has the essential tools you need to begin to understand your Natural Energy. This journey starts with you. Gaining this deeper understanding of self makes the next step - understanding others - much easier and more accessible.

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9 Energies - Practices for Presence

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Natural Energy Symbol Sticker


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