9 Energies – Practices for Presence


9 Energies – Practices for Presence: Body Based Insight for Living a Life of Purpose, by Susan Bennett Fisher.  The first book describing the 9 human physiologies, Fisher writes in a straight forward style about the body attributes, the essential truths, and the process that knowing your Natural Energy begins.

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9 Energies Practices for Presence

In 9 Energies - Practices for Presence Susan Bennett Fisher introduces the 9 physiologically different kinds of people, each with their own Natural Energy. She shows you how to:

  • Access your most powerful way of being.
  • Understand how others are different in order to relate more effectively.
  • Awaken your Cosmic Self, the part of you that knows why you are here.
  • Identify your emotions and judgments so you can stop reacting and begin creating your own reality.

Susan Bennett Fisher has dedicated her energy, time and resources to understanding , researching, speaking and teaching about the 9 Energies since 2002.

A Natural Energy 4 customer had this to say:
"I purchased your book from the Country Bookshelf last week and really enjoyed it! Well done. You are a natural writer. As a Natural Energy 4 you can imagine how many people, books and personal growth workshops I have experienced. I am impressed with your work. It is refreshing, insightful and real. The book is such a valuable second step after a person has had their Natural Energy identified. It creates clarity for the bigger picture of the 9 Energies information. The practices are simple yet profound exercises that enable a person to transform into a more whole human. Thanks again."

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