3 Practices – Path to Wholeness with Susan Bennett Fisher

Path To Wholeness: Practices For Emotional Recovery, with Susan Bennett Fisher

Season 1, Episode 9

With all that is going on the world, whether you are on the front-lines offering care to others, working our incredibly important distributions lines or sequestering alone or with close family, now is one of the most challenging times in our recent history.

Music is "Need" (2013 Burning Man Edit) by AmpliPhi (OpenOptics & Dusty Nix)

This video offers three different things that you can do with your body to recover, connect and calm yourself.  The practices are easy, quick and as impactful as you are able to handle in the moment.  Knowing your Natural Energy is not necessary, your body will handle this naturally.

  • Practice 1: If you lose connection with yourself, simply collapse your body letting everything hang loosely, then take a deep breath and allow your Natural Energy center to lift and recover your posture.
  • Practice 2: Learn to connect more vulnerably with others by activating Natural Energy 1.,
  • Practice 3: Learn how to process your emotions and extract their wisdom through Natural Energy 4.

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