Your Physio-Spiritual Nature – with Susan Bennett Fisher

Path To Wholeness: What is our Physio-Spiritual Nature, with Susan Bennett Fisher

Season 1, Episode 11

Your physio-spiritual nature is the combination of your physical and spiritual nature. When we talk about spirituality we are not necessarily referring to religion, religious beliefs or really any particular belief set. We are talking about how your physical body is equipped to inform you about what more is available to you outside of your physical sense and sensations. Each of the Natural Energies comes with a particular way of using and interpreting the physical senses. The unique applications of sight, hearing, touch and taste, and the Natural Energy specific ways of experiencing our reality are also our access point to information about what more is available.

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We call the "More" many things, and this is influenced by our belief systems and experiences and our Natural Energy, It is also affected by the degree to which we give ourselves permission to trust our physio-spiritual abilities. We call these - intuition, extra-sensory perception, telekinesis, "remote viewing, God, Source, Nature, reading energy, soul-level connection, ghosts, spirit". All of these things are part of the more. Your Natural Energy affects which aspect of the "More" you perceive. Learning to activate all of the 9 energy centers in your body gives you access to even more.

In this video Susan Bennett Fisher reviews the key factors used to understand how your body is set-up to guide you, both on a physical and non-physical level.  We are born with 9 energy centers in our bodies, one active, that shapes our reality.  We are both physical beings and spiritual beings, but our physical bodies are a source of information for both parts of ourselves.  Understanding the nine different ways your body can give you information lets you make sense of more of what comes at you during the course of your day.  Your body can help you recover more quickly, interact better with others, and heal yourself through a deeper understanding and acceptance of your physical nature.

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