Peter Tork – Natural Energy 7 and The Monkees

Peter Tork, one of the 4 member of The Monkees passed on recently. Being a life-long fan of The Monkees I got curious about the Natural Energy of Tork and after researching found that he has Natural Energy 7.

Here is a great video interview of Peter answering a lot of existential questions. His responses reflect the experience and worldview and wisdom held by many Natural Energy 7s. He struggled with alcoholism in his post Monkees period, but found a way to recovery. Notice how he moves his head from the center of the forehead, lots of head wobbling.

"Be a hero to yourself - you are in charge of your own life" Words of wisdom from Peter Tork.

Here is the screen test for the Monkees for Peter. Enjoy his playfulness, creativity, continual change and adjustment. Also the ability to do anything with his body and expression on the face. His playfulness and irreverance played off the other three guys.

Here is a fun video of all four of them performing Daydream Believer. He leads his movement and plays the piano from his third eye. It is fun to look at the contrast in his movement to that of Davey Jones, Natural Energy 3. You can see Davey, when he dances rotates around the Menubrium, using the collar bone as a scaffold to lift up, and rotate the shoulders up and down like a seesaw around the Menubrium.:

In these photos you can see examples of Peter's Natural Energy 7 physique - focus from the third eye, infinite quality in the eye, energy and prominence of the brow/glabella area.
Peter Tork - Natural Energy 7

Peter Tork - Natural Energy 7

Peter Tork - Natural Energy 7

Peter Tork - Natural Energy 7

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