Peter Kristiansen, Natural Energy 3

Peter Kristiansen, Natural Energy 3, Life Projekt

Every person has their own journey. Finding out your Natural Energy can be profound and life changing, or it can just be an interesting piece of information. The knowledge of the 9 Energies is for you, what you do with it is up to you. So we tell all stories, we show the skeptical, and the transformed. Because ultimately only you can choose to pursue the development of your Natural Energy more deeply, to explore the possibilities it presents.

My friend Peter Kristiansen, Natural Energy 3 was identified as part of the CTI Leadership Program. We were in the program together and identified on the same day. He was the only Natural Energy 3 in our group and as such didn't have any one to mirror his Natural Energy or explore and discover what it meant. His initial experience did not have a strong impact. He was skeptical, and ultimately resistant.

Peter and I stayed in touch on and off over the last 15 years. Talking from time to time about what it means to have Natural Energy 3. I had the opportunity to circle back around with him for an interview. Peter is very much living on purpose, he has chosen to inspire his world to live the life that works for them through a cool opportunity he calls LifeProjekt   Peter offers a free Skype sessions if you agree to allow him to record and post the calls on his LifeProjekt site. His goal is to offer access to these sessions as inspiration to all the people who visit the site. So if you don't want your own free skype session, you might learn something from the other people's stories and the advice Peter gives.

If you are interested in being inspired by Natural Energy 3, check out  And listen to Susan's interview of Peter here:

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