Peter Hollens Offers an Extraordinary Experience of Natural Energy 1

Peter Hollens Natural Energy 1 Singing
Peter Hollens is a beautiful example of Natural Energy 1. In the following series of videos you can see his gentle swaying as his throat leads his movement. He opens his throat, and his eyebrows raise up and back, his gaze is soft and receptive. His eyes are particularly striking example of what Natural Energy 1 eyes look like in their Facial Expression of Activation.

It is rare that you see extended shots of performers in their strength. If you watch all of these videos you will get a full experience of what Natural Energy 1 brings to the world - appreciation of the beauty and specialness of everything, each person, each moment, nature - they see and express this appreciation and awe they feel for all that is.

Here he sings an original composition where he expresses the beauty of love, life and it mystery and majesty that comes from the experience of the birth of his son. Enjoy his open throat, his pure vulnerability, and his soft receptive eyes.

Also notice how clearly he enunciates when he sings. Natural Energy 1's are very precise with language and often are excellent writers. They have a natural ability to express through their art the majesty, awe and incredible beauty of the world we live in. This connection to and expression of the perfection of all that is helps us to feel that we will be alright, no matter what happens.

At the end of each of the videos he always takes time to honor who he has performed with, and to honor those who have supported him to create the videos. Natural Energy 1's honor all that is. They understand that we are all equal, all beautiful, and all deserving of honor and respect. What ever they do, they take time to be sure all involved are held with esteem and appreciation for their contribution of being.

Here he sings Shenandoah. It is a magically beautiful experience to watch this:

Peter frequently positions the camera so he is looking up to open his throat. In other shots he leans forward to create the openness in his throat. Often Natural Energy 1's are coached to bring their chin down by others who do not understand the importance of the open throat in expressing the beauty of Natural Energy 1. The back of the neck stretches, the chin lifts creating an energetic tension in the muscle under the chin at the top of the throat. This creates a softening in the eyes.

His artistic style of filming himself performing all the parts, you see him in many views - so you can see his gentle swaying from the throat, see the eyebrows come back and the throat repeatedly rise as the intensity of his singing rises. Here is a great example:

In this video you see him sing and and walk from his position of activation, the sideview at the start you see his open throat, as he walks forward, his eyes remain soft and receptive and his chin is lifted. This Disney medley is lovely, and fun and really captures how Natural Energy 1 honors another in relationship:

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