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Penni Blythe natural Energy 7

Penni Blythe, Natural Energy 7, has been studying and exploring the Natural Energies for over 15 years. Recently we visited Penni in England and worked with her in the postures of the 9 Natural Energies. It became clear that Penni has found a way to activate the 9 Energies in her body. From her original study, and in being in contact with 9 Energies, reading our book and applying curiosity and practice, she has found a way to embody each of the Natural Energies. This is very exciting.

Penni had a good deal of physical experience with the Natural Energies in the early years when studying with New Equations. But she stopped studying with that community well before we realized that we could 1) learn to activate the other Natural Energies in our bodies and 2) understand how to teach another person to activate a Natural Energy in their body and 3) know that the ability to activate the Natural Energies in the body at will is a pre-requisite to being able to recognize the qualities of the Natural Energies in the world around you, and there-by identify another person's Natural Energy accurately.

Penni made the following comment on what she could now see and notice in a different way - the quality of the eyes of Natural Energy 7. This type of new "seeing" is what starts to happen as a person learns to embody the other Natural Energies. We don't have an explanation for it, it is just what happens. Once the Natural Energies are available to us in our bodies we begin to see their presence in the world around us much more clearly.

"December now.... following on from the Natural Energy 7 On-line Video call, 11/13/17 and from subsequent time spent with the 7s Pinterest pictures (Women and Men).... The images have struck me at another level.

Whilst I know (from the inside) our 7 'look'. I'm suddenly blown away by deeper experience of our face, specifically our eyes. I 'see' more clearly the impact of our gaze on/ to others.

I see in these photos how we are inward and outward at the same moment. It's almost possible to see through our eyes, to 'fall into them' yet at the same time not. There's a clearness/ clarity. At the same time I've really got to experience how others can feel 7s are seeing something others can't fathom.

Here's the truth - we are....."

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