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Life in Novato is much how we left it, fast paced, lots of cars, great friends, and in many ways still a lovely Oasis in the Bay Area. It was certainly a shock for Martin and I to get used to all the people, and the density of everything. I hadn’t felt physically cold in a year and a half in Bozeman, but here I got bone chilling cold, from the damp. And it seems my immune system functions better in Bozeman than Novato. Different bugs. Within days I succumbed to the worst cold I have had in years.

Our Novato Events were well attended and successful. It was amazing to have so many people identified over 15 and 20 years ago join in our exploration of the 9 Energies. One of the participants had originally been identified with Natural Energy 8. I had worked with her at two prior events and had limited success in activating Natural Energy 8 in her body. So we decided to start from scratch. She stood in front of me and beamed me a fully joyful smile, which lead to a very strong ability to maintain the Natural Energy 3 posture. It was so beautiful. Here is what she wrote to us:

“Thanks Susan and Martin,

Your retyping and information tonight helped to validate my life.  Sounds corny, but true.  I have thought that spreading joy was my function here, but thanks for letting me understand that that's important and not just frivolous superficial cheer.  That spreading joy is enough for me to do.  I do feel strong and useful when I'm creating smiles.

Also, I keep being grateful for having the career (calling) of being a teacher.  Inspiring people, especially children, should be my job.  I teach 3rd grade, 8 and 9 year olds.  They are discovering their talents and who they are.

Thanks for helping to tie all the threads together, and for letting me learn something new to add to my understanding of this amazing world.
Best wishes,
Thea, Natural Energy 3
PS, yes I do communicate intensely with my eyes.”

I want to talk a little about the issue and the point of the Identification Process. Having worked with over 4000 people, my accuracy rate now is about 98%, when I first began identifying on my own my accuracy rate was about 80%. That means I used to mis-identify 1 in 5 people, now it’s 1 in 50. Unfortunately this is a side-effect of the process, you don’t always get everyone identified the first time you see them. If I have learned nothing else, self-management and non-attachment are the most important skills to develop in learning to identify. Always be willing to question your conclusion until the person you are working with is HAPPY, and it resonates.

Also I am continually looking for complete and total consistency – facial expression, face shape, use of eyes, energetic signature. It all has to be consistent. If anything does not fit into place I keep looking. I also check for things the person thinks they may be and anything that my identification partner sees on the outside looking in.

All kinds of things come into play, injuries, mist-treatments, traumas, diseases, eye problems. These types of things can throw you off the path. Most times when I can’t figure out a person’s energy, it’s the one I haven’t tried yet. So sometimes you have to try ones that you might ignore at first for habitual or cultural reasons. When I am not sure what direction to head I try Natural Energy two, movement often reveals new information. Ironically, Natural Energy 2’s ability to match and merge can also be confusing, they do each energy as well as I do, and if there is something different about them I might not tune into the Natural Energy 2 matching and think they are another energy. The key in that situation is to keep looking for the energy to get stronger. It won’t grow in it’s integrity unless you have found their Natural Energy. More and more of the attributes begin to show up as a person feels into the spiritual truth of their Natural Energy.

Integrity of the Natural Energy is the place where there is no doubt in the posture, the person has come home to where they live in their body, they are happy, feel seen, resonate with the words you use to describe the energy. There is no resistance or confused thought, “Well, I am sort of like that…” You can feel the integrity of the body in posture using very little energy, by increasing the intensity. Sometimes I get super gentle and super focused to be able to feel exactly where the hold is coming from in the body, this is particularly useful in working with young people and the infirm. There is a chord of power in every body, the key is finding where the integrity of that chord is. When you find it you know that you have found it.

We worked with one woman who had recovered from a double mastectomy, Natural Energy 3, the surgery had made it hard for her to keep her upper chest flat and raised, she had come to rely on her 9 spot on the spine between the shoulder blades to help support her chest. This caused confusion about her Natural Energy. But staying with her body, working deeper into 9 spot it became obvious that the line of integrity was still in the upper sternum at her manubrium.

So our events in Novato and Santa Cruz were very much about challenging beliefs, old ideas of what was happening, starting from scratch and allowing something new to surface, supporting changes that happen in the body, and expanding the body to support the spirit.

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