Nicole Nelson, Active Energy 9

Nicole Nelson AE9Nicole Nelson is a Yoga teacher from San Diego.  We identified her active Energy in 2013.  She sent us this testimonial after the experience:

"Working with Susan and Martin in the 9 Energies Workshop was an enlightening experience. Understanding the 9 energy Centers and their power focus really opened my eyes to better understanding my true source of power as well as that in others, which as we interact, work and relate with people on a daily basis understanding where not only yourself but where others are coming from an energy perspective totally changes ones outlook on how to best to navigate the path of life.

This workshop truly brought a new perspective of not only understanding oneself better, but how to better tap into our energy as a resource to further grow. We have the special gift of our own unique power center; Susan and Martin helped me comprehend what that meant for me and how to continue to develop it while also understanding what that means with interacting with all of the energies on life's path. I would highly recommend a consultation session with the 9 Energy Team if you are ready to embrace and step into your power."


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