Embrace Your Natural Energy Power

Martin Fisher Teaching at Burning Man 2016 Photo by Henri Cohen
Our journeys of learning that enable us to share the knowledge and wisdom of and about the 9 Energies take many twists and turns. You have probably heard us say that we learn as much from you as you do from us.

We too have to keep a beginner's mind when we work. Otherwise we could not receive new wisdom, and create new maps, as we learn from you.

As a Natural Energy 5 I keep a "confidence level" in my "head" as I work. There is very little of which I am 100% confident, but knowing there's more to understand, and being able to acquire that learning takes patience and perseverance. In time the answers reveal themselves.

Such is the case of Natural Energy 9, and more fundamentally, the discovery of the power that is available to each of our Natural Energies.

Yes, we each have a superpower, but I think we are just beginning to understand the magnitude of the "power" portion of that truth. For example we have suggested that the role of Natural Energy 8 is to know what has to get done, but not to do the work themselves, to build a community to do it. Similarly we have said the Natural Energy 9 moves without force, and while they see the imbalances in the world their job is to make us aware of them, so that "the community" can fix those imbalances.

I no longer believe that these are a complete description of these roles.

Each Natural Energy has the ability to be both amazingly gentle, and amazingly powerful. But to make a change in the world, to be leaders in our area of Superpower-ness we must embrace our power as well as our knowing. We can be the leaders we need to be to make a difference in the world, using the wisdom and power of our Natural Energy.

As a Natural Energy 8 your job is to lead the way for community to build with integrity and safety. Demonstrate using your power how it should be done.

As a Natural Energy 9, use your body to metabolize the Ether in which you move to generate powerful action in the world. While being aware of the impact of too much power, which can be seen as force, use enough power to topple injustice, to ensure balance and lead us in that endeavor. Don't let the thought of power freeze you, but let the power flow through you to keep us moving.

We take this journey together, and share what we learn. I acknowledge you all for your part in our learning, with particular thanks to our Helena community for these latest insights.

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