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Natural Energy 9 knows how to unite a community. They know in their bodies that despite our many differences, cultural, physical, experiential, we are all one, all connected and everything that we do affects everyone else.

Nelson Mandela -Natural Energy 9, by Yusuf KarshPhoto by Yusuf Karsh
Martin Luther King Jr. - Natural Energy 9
Abraham Lincoln - Natural Energy 9

Some our greatest leaders for peace and change and unity shared Natural Energy 9. Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. are among the most powerful examples. When Natural Energy 9 reaches it's full power they embody being in harmony with the breath, there is a peace and ease which emanates from them into those around them. With Natural Energy 9 in full ease a community can come together in peace and harmony without force and with full inclusion. This is what these great leaders learned and taught to the world around them.

Michael Franti - Natural Energy 9

Here is an awesome video from Michael Franti, which offers a great example of how he, as a Natural Energy musician and songwriter does this. He has been an activist for peace through his music and his travels:

Metatron Alan Avila
Our dear friend Metatron, also Natural Energy 9, also constantly reminds us that we are all one, that separation is an illusion, and that love is at the center of all answers to peace. Here is a post he recently wrote:
Metatron (Alan Avila): "What makes me any different than you? My belief systems; my attitude; my experiences in Life... but we all have these, correct? So the fact that i have belief systems, or that i express myself a certain way, or that my Life experiences may have been different than yours - doesnt really make us different.. in fact, these things are common for both of us - these things make us 'the same'. What makes us unique is the may we interpret and respond to any given experience. While there are differences, they only separate our individuality if we allow judgment to take us in that direction. How much easier is it to rejoice and Honor these interesting ways of processing our co-created realities from differing points-of-view.

Have you ever said to yourself... "I wish there were another me." or "If I could just clone myself..."
TADA! Your wish is my command. You have close to 8 billion clones of yourself across this beautiful planet. Our Collective Consciousness has been birthed into separate bodies to experience things differently in order to grow through, and heal the wounds of Lifetimes. You have been specially prepared in myriad forms, by Creator. What's more, is that you ARE Creator. Spiritually formed in Creator's own image. Think of how you create your reality... in a multitude of ways - and how you have the ability to decide how you create in this reality. Sure, it is a co-creation... because all of us are doing this at the same time - either working with each other, or in what seem like opposing directions. It only seems that we are working against each other sometimes, because we are not seating in the Consciousness of each other, and so - without proper Communication, Patience, Compassion, and Understanding of the Divine Plan - we fail to comprehend.

Great Spirit; Creator; God/dess; is also known as ALL THAT IS. If you hold this belief to be True - then all things within our Universe ARE in fact, this One BEing - held within One Consciousness. We are each but fragmented sections of this Consciousness - of Creator - which is YOU... all things. Each and ever BEing on this planet is a reflection of you. Not seeing what you like, reflected in another? You are the only One that can change this perception... and you can only change you. You have the special power to see the Light, accept that none of us are perfect, and that we are all actually on the same team.
At the core of every BEing, each person wants to be Loved, Understood, and accepted. It may not seem that the rapist wants this, or the murderer, or the person who flips you off when they almost ran you down in the street... like it was your fault. This is because they are not Aware of it - likely do to earthly (3d) attachments and judgments they have formed; it comes from wounding... which we all have suffered from and contributed to causing in another. The way we experience something is our own responsibility, and ultimately our own cause. Anything we externalize is, in fact, moving us further from the Truth - for everything comes from within. And if you doubt this - apply the words of this lesson... you are everything and everything is you. So, if you demand to blame something outside of yourself for your experience in Life... you are victimizing yourself. Its hard; there is a lot of wounding.
The best way to adopt an attitude of Gratitude and Healing is to take responsibility for yourself. Be Loving - to yourself; then it will come for others. Be Patient - with yourself; then you will have Compassion for others. Be strong and know that you Always have a choice - to choose positive, high vibrational thoughts, Actions, and Words. Ally often mentions a quote that Gandhi said, "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." This is also called Alignment. Standing in Alignment with Unconditional Love and Divine Truth makes you unshakable. It is also the best way to support others on their path... because you dis-continue throwing salt into the game by reacting to energy that does not serve you. I say, does not serve you... because it may be serving someone - if for no other reason, than for them to recognize that it does not serve them any longer.
Next time you begin to re-Act to someone in a poor manner, because you do not Understand why they do the things they do. Understand: they have not gone through the same experiences as you, have not had the same parenting, did not grow up with the same programming, and they absolutely NEED to do it the way they need to do it. Also, Understand that they likely are re-Acting toward something they do no fully Understand (maybe what you are doing or saying.) Then remember: they are just another expression of you. Give them space to grow - sometimes this means distancing yourself - and sometimes it means being right up in the koolaid, however difficult it feels. Remember - you are the best example (as long as you are choosing to be) for them to see the Divine and make positive change for themselves.
So my question to YOU is... can we end the Clone Wars? Can you see that I am merely an expression of YOU; that YOU are a reflection of ME? We are One Consciousness. One Heart. One Love. One mind... and we are healing, as quickly and as best as we can. It's each of our responsibility to handle our own thoughts, words, and actions - and hold them in the Highest Alignment. Our 'thoughts' out of all of these, are the most important focus... for they form our words and actions; whether we align them or hide them through this process. Stand in the Light. BE Love. You are infinite creation - as your own Creator. Create Peace, Harmony, Unity, and Love Unconditionally.
If this is, Me vs You... i throw down the gauntlet to myself. I call an end to the Clone Wars.

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