Natural Energy 9 in Movement – The real Lord of the Ring

Natural Energy 9 in movementThis gentleman shows us what the fluidity and ease of Natural Energy 9 in movement looks like. At the start of the video, watch the grace and smoothness of his movement, then as he increases the complexity of his moves throughout, you see him open the top front of his chest, bringing his shoulder blades together. He make what he is doing look effortless as he leads the movement of the hoop from the center of his spine between his shoulder blades, his Natural Energy Center of Activation. It is most beautiful when he leans fully through the hoop in full extension of his front, arms back as if a bird flying in the hoop. At the end of the video, you see him helping someone else spin in the hoop - notice the un-ease and lack of mobibilty in the arms of the young man in the hat - this comparison helps to see the difference of Natural Energy 9.

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