Natural Energy 8 & 9 Couple Interview

Ali Evans NE8 + Eli Wolf NE9

Ali Evans (NE 8) and Eli Wolf (NE 9) have been dating since October 2013. Eli was typed in February 2014 and Ali was typed 3 months later in May. As a couple, they have practiced activating and posture extensively. In this interview they discuss how knowing their Natural Energies has impacted their relationship and give advice on how one can understand, honor, and appreciate his/her NE 8 or NE 9 partner.

To listen to the full interview click here, to listen to Ali, and Eli's answers one at a time click below.


1a Introduction

1b Introduction

2 Valentine's Day

3 After The Breakup

4 Talking After The Breakup

5a Being NE8 & NE9

5b Being NE8 & NE9

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