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Johnny Cash June Carter Natural energy 6 & 1June Carter, Natural Energy 1 and Johnny Cash Natural Energy 6

With each stop on our trip something new and magical in our long-time friendships presented itself.  We visited Martin’s childhood friend Alison and her husband Anthony.  Anthony was participating in a ping pong tournament that evening.  First thing we identified Anthony’s Natural Energy 6 and confirmed Alison to have Natural Energy 1, we ate a lovely dinner and scurried off to be Anthony’s cheering section.  It was a wonderful teaching opportunity to help Alison see the intensity and chest movement in Anthony’s play.  And to see how the other players moved so differently.  Alison as a Natural Energy 1 was a bit uncomfortable with Anthony’s power and intensity.  Understanding that is was a beautiful expression of his Natural Energy 6 enabled her to see it in a new light and to accept it as part of who he is.

The 6-1 relationship, one of the more common pairings, has both positive and a negative spiral. In it’s best, Natural Energy 1 brings in source energy which is received and magnified back as big love from the Natural Energy 6.  This helps the Natural Energy 1 feel the goodness and magic of life and helps the Natural Energy 6 stay on path, source from the Natural Energy 1 defines the starting point.

If this spiral turns negative, the Natural Energy 6 begins to focus on all the things that won’t work, and the Natural Energy 1 uses their power of discernment to judge themselves, and then their partner. The energy spirals quickly in an unhealthy direction.  It is helpful for this coupling to understand this dynamic and have a pre-agreed upon method for stopping the spiral.

Usually separation from each other if triggered is a good method.  Calm down and try again without the negativity, rather use the body’s Natural Energy to express what needs to be resolved.  For the Natural Energy 6, keep the chest expanded, and for the Natural Energy 1 to meet the intensity of the Natural Energy 6 with an open throat and softened eyes with full vulnerability.  Yes, of course this is challenging, and it takes practice.  And it is one way to keep the magic of the 6-1 connection spiraling up.

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