Natural Energy 4 Focuses Inside to Align with and Express the Passion of Self

Natural Energy 4 goes inside to get in touch with the passion of being alive. Natural Energy 4 runs at a slower, deeper, more intimate pace, even when the beat is fast, singers of Natural Energy 4 generally have a slower, more centered pace. You will see them go inside, they will close their eyes, drop their head gently, and even when they open their eyes you will see them take time to come back out and engage with the world around them. As people of Natural Energy 4 get more consciously skilled they can keep the deep connection with the timeless infinite self open even as they connect out with others. Notice the similarity in energy, feeling of intimacy and passion, and the way they use their eyes and bodies. Three different people expressing the same Natural Energy 4.

DUffy Ae 4Watch this video of Duffy, Natural Energy 4, look carefully at her eyes, the quality of being connected inside while she sings. She leads her movement from the lower abdomen, watch her gentle sway and rise from that part of the body.

Jennifer LopezIn this video Jennifer Lopez demonstrates Natural Energy 4 movement initiating from the lower abdomen. You see Jennifer spin and turn and move all centered around the lower abdomen. She is often wearing her Facial Expression of Activation, but it is not fully engaged as there is acting driving the facial expression as well. This dancing is fairly well choreographed to show and highlight her movement ability and style.

Carole King - Natural Energy 4
In this video Carole King sings at the piano, you can see her going inside, she sings most of the song with her eyes closed, and when she opens them, you can see that she does not fully come out.

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