Natural Energy 3 Perspective on the Other Energies

Katie Natural Energy 3Katie Cameron wrote the following as how she as a Natural Energy 3 experiences the other Natural Energies. It is very interesting to hear another Natural Energy's perspective on our reality, and we can learn something from other's perspectives. Enjoy Katie's view of the 9 Energies:

"AS I SEE THEM IN MY OWN UNIQUE KATIE/ NE3-NESS WAY (+not super spiritual disclaimer)

Natural Energy 1

Natural Energy 1 is beautiful, pristine, pure, gentle. Just by looking at you in their power, they can transfer the pure beauty of what they see into you. You can feel it.

Natural Energy 2

Natural Energy 2 is friendly and polite. They are a rather beautiful all the time, but when not engaged they have a Michelangelo-statue-esque look to them. Once a two is engaged they’ll meet you, your pace and conversation immediately. The difference between how a two starts their conversations versus how someone else might start a conversation is that someone else might start by being a little louder, or quieter, or slower, or more energetic than you. But a two matches you dead on almost every time, no matter what they had previously been doing.

Natural Energy 3

Natural Energy 3 is me. And I can see your soul at its rawest form. I can see all the joy and good in you, even if you are temporarily blinded from it. I meet a person and they get my highest respect automatically. I’ve been called an optimist because of that, but when you can see under all the icky baggage a person might carry, it’s hard not to respect and like the true soul underneath.

Natural Energy 4

Natural Energy 4's are interesting. They have processing time, and thinking time that everyone else is not included in. When another energy might get stressed, snappy or sad while processing, fours would really rather process things exclusively. After they have processed, thought, been in their own space, they are able to come out and be truly who they want to be. They really take things at their own pace, you cannot force a four to include you in their bubble, but when they do it’s magical. Fours seem to have a space inside of them that is kind of like the eye of the storm, and when they include you in their bubble, it feel like they have taken the eye of the storm and expanded it to include you.

Natural Energy 5

Natural Energy 5's are hilariously wonderful. We cannot even begin to fathom a fives spider-web of knowledge. It’s a lot clearer in their minds than the rest of us. When our brains come up with fantastic ideas, fives can clearly already see what we are going to need, what is the best way to research and usually before it even hits here in their process, they can see if it’s a good idea or a terrible one. A five would probably look at all this writing and be able to say everything that needs to be said in one paragraph. I love fives because of this, and growing up with one I can glitch in and out at will, although it is not my happy spot, so my web of thoughts is still tiny and most of it is a folder labeled ‘Stuff to sort later.’ I would never recommend reading your bucket list to a five unless you want to know, in detail, with examples, about how half of it wouldn’t work. You just have to remember that they don’t mean to be mean, they’re just pointing out their obvious and wondering why we can’t do our own thinking. Ultimately this is why we need fives. And always remember, if you’re going to argue with statistics, be very sure that they are right. Because a five will know, and if they don’t know, they’ll probably look it up before continuing the conversation.

Natural Energy 6

Natural Energy 6's are intense, sturdy, energetic fire balls. I love them! Without my dear sixes, I sometimes get too giddy. I exist and the person I am talking to exists and isn’t it exciting! Sixes actually calm me down. For a visual difference, imagine a gangly light-on-their-feet person running around and jumping everywhere. Now imagine putting a very solid, intense and heavy-set person in the same room. Obviously their energy will slow down the gangly person, and that’s physically and mentally what sixes do when they are around me. I’ve been lucky enough to experience what a 6 experiences for about half a second, and it was such a vast difference from what I see, I couldn’t believe it. Their chest has a sonar attached. Susan says ‘vibrations’ but that’s a completely different thing for a 3. A 3’s word for it would be ‘sonar.’ Their vision is WAY more expanded than a 3’s although 5 times as unsaturated and about a kazillion times less focused and detailed. Everything is a shape with a general color attached. Faces have the general eyes in the general eye spots, a nose thing where noses go and a hole where the mouth is, if it’s open. Fabric is color masses with major wrinkles, there are no individual threads, no reflective light. A blue lamp is a blue lamp. There are no speckles tiny pigment speckles or little rough edges. But they have this sonar that expands to everything around them, even going through walls. There really is nothing like it.

Natural Energy 7

Natural Energy 7's are the rebellious type. Why be normal and do boring things when you could do something else so much better and more fun? Sevens are the ones that point out flaws in systems that everyone else thought were perfect. They would be the ones to start their own business doing their own thing… and it probably is not going to be any business where a ties and slacks are the main uniform. Their humor is hilarious. I have often wondered if they even know that they are being funny because their faces rarely give their own humor away. They seem to be the sarcastic energy… or at least… I think they are sarcastic. They have a wicked humor that could even come across as plain old poking fun. If you have trouble laughing at yourself, I would recommend getting a seven friend. They’ll help you. They’re wacky, fun, and crazy.

Natural Energy 8

Natural Energy 8's are the mama-bears of the energies. If you have a problem, tell it to an 8. They can help figure it out. Plus they’ll usually act like a parent while helping you. They’re solid. Grounded. They can tell you what is safe and what isn’t. What is ok and what REALLY is not ok. Then they can usually help you feel that same grounded feeling. I don’t have much to say about 8’s besides how their mama-bear-ness is amazing, their grounding ability can transfer a bit to you and make you feel more grounded, and sometimes the other energies needs help figuring out what is ok and what is not, and 8’s can really tell you ‘no don’t do that’ or ‘yah, sounds fine.’

Natural Energy 9

Natural Energy 9's are crazy cool. They kind of are their own thing. They are the ultimate observers. They can feel everything, they can literally see SO much more in their actual vision. Their peripheral vision is expanded immensely. They kind of hold and observe everything that is happening in the world. I don’t know many nines to a degree where I can talk about them beyond what I’ve learned, but they have a slow, almost surreal, calm vibe about them when they’re really in their power."

By Katharine Cameron - Natural Energy 3


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