Natural Energy 3 – The Critical Importance of the Smile

Lalita Karst Natural Energy 3Only Natural Energy 3 has a smile that is part of the Facial Expression of Activation. Natural Energy 3's Skill is to focus so deeply on another person that they can see around the layers of the persona, straight to the soul. When this happens both people involved in the interaction feel the joy created in soul-to-soul contact - the smile naturally happens in the joy of the connection. It is highly fulfilling, energizing and joyfilled to be in connection at this deep level. Once the soul is seen through connection with Natural Energy 3 it becomes active and can lead you forward in your actions more easily, with less interference from the ego. You feel inspired to be your best self. I recently had the following Facebook conversation with a Natural Energy 3 friend of mine, Lalita Karst who is a singer married to a Natural Energy 7 Musician, Richard Karst. She talks about what it feels like to more actively shine her light.

Lalita Lynn Karst:

Blessed greetings, Susan! Today I listened to the Active Energy 3 conference call, and it was quite enlightening… I'm committed to sharing my smile & eye contact more often! Thank you for all the good work you're doing!

Susan Fisher:
Thank you Lalita - you just made me smile as I could feel your smile and inspiration. Could you possibly email me a high resolution copy of the photo of you and Richard? We will be having new Active Energy Specific calls in January, hopefully you will join in and contribute too! Your support means a lot to me. Thank you.

Lalita Lynn Karst:
Hi, Susan--sending you the photo is now officially on my list of things to do...
I'm really glad I finally listened to the AE3 recording. I listened to the AE7 recording as well, and was struck by the difference. I could really relate to most of what the AE3 ladies were saying ("Your eyes...! Your smile...!")
And regarding what you said about our work in the world... Yesterday we played music down at the Lighthouse for a couple of hours. I've always said that I love playing "on the street" because it's such a thrill to see someone approaching, smile at them, and then watch them walk away smiling... Well, there's been a lot going on for me lately, and I kinda lost my smile... the call made me realize I've really dimmed my beam... But yesterday when I was out in the world, I would remember that this was "my job," and I was able to consciously "lift" myself & project my smile... It really did make for a better day for me, too, so it's an all-around win! Yay! (Note: tiny children [and happy dogs] make it especially easy...!)
I've also realized that when I sing, you truly can hear if I'm smiling, so I'm committed to capturing that when I record my songs... Then I can transmit my super power all over the planet, via the interwebs... Mwah-ha-ha-ha!
Anyway, although it's been years since you "typed" me, I hadn't really given the Natural Energies a whole lot of thought, and it's great to realize that focusing on honing my "super power" is a very simple spiritual practice... So, thanks ever so, and keep on inspiring and encouraging us all!

Susan Fisher:
Wow Lalita - Thank you for this! May I publish it as a post with your picture on the website? I think it will benefit a lot of NE3's to hear what you have to say. I am so glad you have recommitted to shine your light. It is so important. We have learned that NE3s announce our soul's purpose to the intentional universal field and thus help us to manifest our purpose. Unless we are seen, activated and announced by an Natural Energy 3, it is as if we don't exist.

Also, when you sing - try keeping your eyes open all the time, unless you need to draw power from inside -which is more of a Natural Energy 4 thing. Keep focusing on the people in the audience and smile at them, the more the better! Thank you so much!

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