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Dave Christie, Natural Energy 2This was written by my Natural Energy 2 friend Dave Christie - wise advice from Natural Energy 2 to all of us and powerful for other 2's.

"So far this has been a year of figuring some things out and dealing with other things. This last weekend I got to spend some time thinking and reflecting. And here are some things I have realized.

1. Midlife crisis is real. You really do look back on your life and ponder where you are and where you could have been if life had been different.

2. You never really know how something will affect you (or not affect you) until you walk through it. You can’t really fully prepare for something that is unknown or new territory.

3. It’s easy to feel like you are spreading yourself too thin. I have always tried to reach out to a lot of people, to be that friend. But I’ve noticed that outside a select few, most only communicate with me when I reach out, and they rarely, if ever, initiate contact. I feel like I need to maybe reevaluate who I pour my energy into. The people who love me and pour back into me know who they are.

4. You are ultimately responsible for your own happiness. No one else can meet all our needs, so don’t put that kind of pressure on those you love.

5. Be positive.... this has been so huge with me. If you walk in constant negativity, you won’t be happy. So always try to look on the bright side if you can. I’m definitely a glass half full kind of guy. Also, as an empath it’s extremely difficult for me to be around constant negativity. It’s so physically draining.

6. When I am down, I try to look in my own self to see why. I may run things past a close friend to gain perspective as a fresh set of eyes and ears can help. But ultimately I must decide to take whatever steps are necessary to get to a good place.

7. Don’t get stuck in the past. It’s easy to blame whatever state you are in on circumstances or people from your past. Don’t let your past determine your present or your future. The past is set in stone, you can only affect today.

These are just a few things that I’ve realized about myself lately. These may or may not apply to others, and that’s ok. I’m close to another birthday and one year closer to that 50 club. Oh where have the years gone? 0-25 seemed to take soooo much longer than the years since. Each year just seems to go by a little bit faster.
If you have read all of this then thank you for following my stream of consciousness thought process. It all just sort of came to me as I typed it. Maybe my words will be helpful to someone.

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