What is it to honor all of existence? Active Energy 1

Here is a video that shows the movement, energetic expression, & energy created by people of Active Energy 1.

When you watch this video you can get a palpable visual and energetic experience of Active Energy 1. Notice the quality of the eyes, the openness of the throat, how they gesture at the level of the throat, and initiate the movement from the top of the throat. These are excellent examples of people accessing their AE 1 superpower in their performance.

The work of 9 Energies is based on a discovery of the 9 Energies by Alan Sheets and Barbara Tovey of New Equations.  New Equations has a Youtube channel with excellent videos that show the movement of each of the energies.  They also have videos that show the process of determining a persons active energy.  We are grateful to New Equations for this very beautiful demonstration of the 9 energies in our world.


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9 Energies