Path To Wholeness – Morten Nygård Interviews Martin Fisher

Path To Wholeness: Morten Nygård, Natural Energy 3 Interviews Martin Fisher, Natural Energy 5

Season 1, Episode 3

Martin Fisher talks with Morten Nygård about his background, His Natural Energy 5, and His Role in 9 Energies.  Morten uses his Natural Energy 3ness to invite Martin out fully into the conversation.

Music is "Need" (2013 Burning Man Edit) by AmpliPhi (OpenOptics & Dusty Nix)

Martin talks about how his background prepared him to lead 9 Energies.  He shares how he found his path, what he had learned and why it's important.  Natural Energy deeply affects how we feel to each other.  Natural Energy doesn't repeat in families, this affects how we are raised, supported and develop. Morten asks questions curiously to elicit Martin's wisdom and presence.  It is lovely to watch how their relationship develops and how Morten invites Martin out.  Martin's wisdom and understanding sheds light on what 9 Energies is about, how it shows up in relationship.

He explains how having Natural Energy 5 affects how he relates to others, and how it enables him to offer support and help.

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