Mariya Nesterov Said this After Listening to the Natural Energy 4 Conference Call

Mariya Nesterov Natrual Energy 4

Our friend Mariya, Natural Energy 4 said this about the Natural Energy 4 Conference Call:

"Thank you, AE4s and Susan, for taking your time to engage in and facilitate this conversation. I am so sorry to have missed this call. I cannot imagine what the experience must have been like during the call if from the first moments of the of the conversation I was swooshed deep into myself.

I am also AE4, and can so relate on the need to be still and quite most of the time, and not being able to find words (when talking) and not wanting to talk.

I wanted to share my experience of time and timelessness. It is not often (yet) that I experience these moments, but when I do they are truly magical. It is as if you are directing a film, playing the lead role in it, and at the same time you are watching the reruns of your favorite science knowing exactly what is going to happen when, because this movie you are directing and playing in has already been filmed and you have watched it a thousand times. But it is not like deja vu, when you acutely feel that this has already happened with you/to you. Instead, it is the feeling of internal knowledge of the eternal truth. It's like you are following the script that you once knew and have forgotten, but have never played."

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