9 Energies in Action: Maddie Zeigler – Natural Energy 2 in movement

This video of Maddie Ziegler is particularly compelling example of Natural Energy 2 in movement.  You can see Maddie's leading her movement from the solar plexus.  She wears her neutral facial expression of activation for most of the video,  eyes bright and clear, facial expression neutral.  Her movements are also amazingly quick, and there are so many different kinds of movements, and she keeps changing as fast or faster than the music.  Particularly beautiful is the very last shot where she stands in the doorway and you can see her breathing and gently shifting side to side with her solar plexus.  Enjoy this lovely piece of Natural Energy 2 creation.

The entire first movement sequence you can see her shimmy back and forth, left and right from the solar plexus.  At 40 seconds when she turns you can see her push her solar plexus out as it leads the movement through the turn. Each sequence of movement shows the magical movement leading from the solar plexus.  At 1:25 she plays her solar plexus like a drum, then you see a sequence wherre she steps back and shimmies right a left, a signature NE2 move. at 1:50 she walks forward and drops into a splitz holding her solar plexus.  See if you can find beautiful moments and let me know what you see.

Here are some examples of Maddie's Natural Energy 2 Facial Expression of Activation:

Maddie Zeigler - Natural Energy 2 young Maddie Zeigler - Natural Energy 2 Neutral Facial Expression of Activation



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