Lucidity Festival Day 1

RV Arrives at Family Garden

We arrived for build on Wednesday. We pulled all our tent equipment, tarps and chairs and within a couple hours we had a beautiful tent.

Dome Build Out

Martin and paolo Build

We are very grateful for Archimedes Design for the incredibly beautiful and highly functional Geodesic Domes.

In normal Festival Time, Lucidity got off to a slow start as most people there were building and settling in. But what was different, from the start this year was that we knew so many people from earlier years. The greetings we got we warm and welcoming.

Family Garden early arrival
Everyone was really glad to see that 9 Energies was back at Lucidity. So cool. With the tent ready, we are ready to start

Friday - The Festival Opens

Lucidity Festival evolved from the vision of a Natural Energy 6,7,9 and 4. It is a celebration of life, and exploration of a different way to be in community. It is one of the many West Coast Festivals striving to offer community in a rich and loving way. Ironically it is as densely populated as the nearby community of Santa Barbara. Tents, right next to each other, sounds of any and all types surrounding you. It can be difficult to hear your inner truth. The music makes me puzzle a bit. It is the electronic sometimes melodic, sometime not, deep base music that leaves my Natural Energy sixness feeling a little ill at ease. And it is a very big part of the draw – music and community.

Amy Krohn 2017

We are once again held in the sanctuary of Family Garden, created by our Natural Energy 1 Friend to be a sacred space for children to grow and explore a different way of being. We are always honored by Amy to be included in the space she holds for the families and children. We have already had 4 3-5 years olds come to get their Natural Energy Identified with their parents.

There is love here, there are rich deep conversations, there is sharing, understanding and exploration. There is a focus on answering the questions of how can we live more sustainably, how can we include everyone, how can we hold and treat each other equally with respect and love. There is no one here who has much more than any one else, except maybe a more comfortable RV when it rains. (That’s me by the way, and tonight amidst the pouring rain, I am very grateful for my creature comforts.)

It was the first day of the festival today and we had a good 15 people come through. It was beautiful to reconnect with the young people who were just kids in our first years here at the festivals. It is in the youth that we see the impact and the changes. They were 8 and 10 in 2013, our first year here and now they are 12 and 14. They are curious and hopeful, gentle and warm humans. Some of the families have integrated their understanding of the Natural Energies, enabling a deeper understanding and acceptance of each other. More love is possible. People see themselves and let others see who they are. This is the first community where we made a real impact identifying families. Now 4 years later there is growth, understanding and gratitude. People have held their connections to us for years. It is heartening, and give us energy.

Martin, Day 1Martin at the end of the first day of the festival

Others have come to our tent to tell they are very excited we are back this year. After we unexpectedly missed last year, 2016, from a blown RV engine, they had come looking for us to have their experience, to be disappointed to find us missing. They express their relief that we are here, and come early in the weekend to be sure not to miss the experience this year.

I am still battling the tail end of cold, so not completely up to my normal energy levels, I am grateful that we had a steady, but relatively light flow today. Once again we were energized by the companionship of a Natural Energy 3, Randy. An old friend from prior lifetimes merged into the current experience when we identified his Natural Energy. So awesome to see each other in new light, he hung around shining his joy on us for most of the day, making everything much easier for us.

I find myself full of gratitude, pretty darn tired and excited to see what the next two days after the rain washes the rest of the dust away, and the sun comes shining back through tomorrow, will bring. One more good night’s rest is needed. Till tomorrow.

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