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We have developed a series of products and courses to help move you forward on your personal journey to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others.  The journey starts with you.

1. First, learn about your own physiology and how to adjust your body to access the physical strength and power of your Natural Energy.

Each Natural Energy has a particular physical activation, using specific muscles and bones. They are described on the video courses included in the Starter Packs.

Starter Pack includes :

9 Energies Practices for PresenceA personally signed copy of our book will help you to understand your Natural Energy in context of the whole, and provide a pathway for transformation.
Susan teaching Natural Energy 4 Our video course on the Physiology and Activation of your Natural Energy.
All 9 Natural Energy Symbols A Symbol sticker for your Natural Energy. And a PDf to download about the values, skills and gifts associated with your Natural Energy.

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2. Second, learn about the Physiology and Activation of the other 8 Natural Energies.

This system of empowerment is body-based. To understand and to garner the power of this understanding requires physical experience of all nine Natural Energies. Learning about the others teaches you about yourself, and helps you understand and appreciate others.

3. Take a 3-day Intensive Workshop: LEARN HOW YOUR BODY INFORMS YOU

We are offering three day intensive workshops at Esalen in Big Sur CA, at our 9 Energies Research Center in Bozeman, MT, and other locations around the world. Check our Calendar to find one near you or contact us to create an event in your town.

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