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We are Excited That you Want to Learn More:

Once you know your Natural Energy learning more, developing a practice, immersing yourself in the community of people exploring this knowledge will accelerate your learning and growth.

1. Practice Physical Activation of Your Natural Energy

Each Natural Energy has a particular physical activation, using specific muscles and bones. They are described on the website, click on the Button for Your Natural Energy.

2. Purchase our book:

9 Energies Practices for PresenceOur book, "9 Energies: Practices for Presence - Body-Based Insight for Living a Life of Purpose", will help you to understand your Natural Energy in context of the whole, and provide a pathway for transformation. If you follow the steps laid out in the book you will be happier and more able to create the reality in which you want to live.

3. Join the Community:

Become a member of 9 Energies. Membership entitles you to the more advanced content on our website.  We will be adding a community forum shortly where discussions of the Natural Energies will be available.

Join our Advanced Training in Bozeman: we offer more in-depth experiences with all of the Natural Energies.  You can either become a student or join us for your Natural Energy Specific Advanced Training Events.

4. Review our Resources

  • Participate in on-line training and calls
  • Join our FACEBOOK community.  We have a fan page, a 9 Energies Group and Natural Energy Specific Groups - search on Natural Energy on Facebook and ask to be added to your Natural Energy Group if you are not a member already.
  • Watch our YOU TUBE Videos - Conversations with Susan and Morten - two of the US and Norwegian Community Leaders.
  • Enjoy the faces of people of each Natural Energy on our Pinterest Page - we continually add celebrities and other photos we find that show the facial expression of activation of each Natural Energy.  By studying the faces you can begin to learn what they look like and feel the energy expressed by people of each Natural Energy.
  • Read our blog on the commitment it takes to live from your Natural Energy
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