Kyla, Natural Energy 8’s experience on finding her Superpower

9 Energies recently had a conversation with Kyla, NE8 that we think is helpful for all to understand the impact, that sometimes it takes a bit of time to sink in and explore what it means. But once it lands understanding your Natural Energy as Kyla says “opens a door” to explore your deepest self.

Kyla Natural Energy 8
Kyla:”I've been thinking a lot about the 9 Energies and specifically Natural Energy 8, which you identified as active in me. I watched some of your videos on your blog about strong 8 women. At first your description didn't ring for me.

I have historically not felt connected to my body. I have battled my body for a long, long time. I tend to hold emotions in my body.   I have a long history of emotional eating that started when my mother died when I was 14 and I gained 25 pounds in that first year.   And it has evolved from there.

Only in the last year or so have I felt more connected and loving toward my body. And yet, if my natural energy is one of connection to my body, then years of emotional eating would explain a disconnect.   I would compare myself to Oprah in this regard.   She has tried and tried to lose the weight, but she has childhood trauma on her hips, which is how I describe myself sometimes.

I am a person of action though. That is for certain. This is obvious in my work. I resonate with the styles of those women and in holding a space for the people in my life for them to thrive.”

Our Response: “Thank you for sharing. You are not alone in your experience as an NE8 in our culture. There is so little respect for the physical body, and so much of what we are taught is to override and ignore it. I am so glad to hear that you are building a new relationship with your body. Tell us more, as you notice more.”

Kyla : “Hi Susan, I plan on attending your session tonight. I am interested in exploring my natural energy more. Will you be doing any additional workshops or sessions beyond discovering of the energies? My life has changed so much in the last year. I feel like I am in the middle of unwrapping a present. Thanks so much, Kyla”

Kyla “Thanks for the session last night. The discussion with the other NE8s was truly a gift. It's was an opening for me. I woke up with a dream which generated some insights, which I have spent all morning journaling and verbalizing. I am looking with earnest to what is next for me. This will be an amazing tool / framework from which to bring things forth. I would love the opportunity to connect with 8s again to help each other awaken our superpower. Thank you for everything!

You and Martin are delivering a gift. It's so interesting because it is hard to verbalize and especially to verbalize an energy that is not your own.   It's like you guys are opening the right door to the right room for everyone, and from there, everyone needs to turn on the light and see what needs to be seen in that room, that only those with access to that room can truly see.

It's beautiful.

Not sure if that all makes sense. I'm exploring.  Thanks for listening.”



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