Krista Tippett – Natural Energy 1, Podcast host of On Being

Krista Tippet has a well-known Podcast called On Being for which she has earned the National Humanities Medal at the White House in 2014. She has Natural Energy 1. You can see it in the soft receptive quality of her eyes, her open throat and the very distinct side-jaw-line and somewhat pointing chin. Her physiology is very consistent with the features we have seen to indicate Natural Energy 1.

She also talks about the concepts we see Natural Energy 1's talk about - Beauty, compassion, the challenge of knowing that our Being is enough, how our words form to create our reality. These are all core teachings that people of Natural Energy 1 offer us. People of Natural Energy 1 also will fight for equality and equal treatment because they know intrinsically, in their being, that this is vitally important.

Enjoy her Ted Ex talk on just these subjects as she redefines how we use powerful language like compassion, tolerance, tenderness, and how it influences how we think about things. Notice how open her throat is, how vulnerable her energy and way of being and how precise her communication is. All very Natural Energy 1!

Here are a couple of photos that show her Facial expression of activation:

Krista Tippett Natural Energy 1

Krista Tippett Natural Energy 1

Her website On Being has a wealth of resources about the intersection of spiritual inquiry, science, social healing, community, poetry and the arts.

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