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Karen Kimsey-House Standing, active Energy 8
Karen Kimsey House, Active Energy 8, and her husband Henry House, Active Energy 7 have been modeling how to build an organization, The Coaches Training Institute, from an ever moving vision since 1992.  Henry using his Active Energy 7 ability to see possibilities for humanity and those around him continually challenges his coaching and leadership colleagues and students to bring their best forward.

Karen, guided by Henry's vision,  lands it in the world, making it accessible, available, achievable, safe and complete.  The article below from the Huffington Post is a great example of her Active Energy 8 Wisdom - how do women become better leaders.  She gives you specific and actionable ways to lead as a woman,  just what she is modeling for us.

There's been a lot of buzz in recent months about women's leadership. How women "should" lead, how the world needs more feminine authority... In Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg tells us to embrace our more masculine energies, to "keep our hands in the air" and "make sure we have a seat at the table," while the authors of The Athena Doctrine encourage us to emphasize our more feminine traits, since the world hungers for that, their research shows. Both make many good points about their side of the pendulum, but that's just the problem: pendulums swing back and forth. I happen to be both a woman and a leader, and if I swing too far either way on the spectrum, I'm not as effective. And pendulum-swinging is just tiresome and ultimately inhibits progress. Personally, I think we'd be better off if we stopped arguing about which approach is better and consider a different way that could be more effective and actually sustainable. I like to call it Integration….. Read More

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