The controversial Power of Natural Energy 6

We recently lost two powerful examples of Natural Energy 6, Robin Williams and Joan Rivers. In their comedy you see a brashness, a willingness to tell the truth, and a commitment to showing people the incredible aliveness of the world around them. This is a magical strength of Natural Energy 6 when the Natural Energy is Active.

Joan Rivers Natural Energy 6
Robin Williams Natural Energy 6

Watch Joan Rivers in this video set.

You can feel her intensity and the power of her ability to respond to the energy in the moment. You can witness her movement - gesturing from the chest area with speed and power. Her humor is on point and her timing is impeccable.

So many stand-up comics and comedy talk show hosts share Natural Energy 6 because of their ability to create in the moment from what is happening around them. Dana Carvey, Eddie Murphy, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, David Letterman, and Jimmy Fallon - all share Natural Energy 6. All holding court, telling the truth, leading us forward with humor, intensity, truth and sometimes vulnerability and love.

When people of Natural Energy 6 do not know of their Superpower, sometimes you can see this manic side. They are driven by the unseen forces of energy all around them. This makes their actions seem puzzling, surprising, and sometimes harsh to those around them. People flock, as if moth to flame, to experience their aliveness through and with them. When sometimes they get burned by the Natural Energy 6, everyone involved gets confused.

In it's worst moments, when Natural Energy 6 succumbs to fear, and aloneness, and expounds on the negative instead of the positive. The downward spiral, or the "side path" can divert them from their path of truth. The power of our society to divert us from our truth is almost insurmountable. Joan Rivers became so consumed with the maintenance of her youthful appearance that her face lost it's ability to express the facial expression of activation, and in the end she was lost to us by this obsession. Why did this happen? There are so many reasons that each and everyone of us are affected by and at times driven by. Societal expectations separate us and devalue us. In this example, youthful appearance is valued over the wisdom of age. We are not allowed to gracefully move into our space of Eldership. By and through societal pressures, we allow ourselves to be driven by these pressures.

For you Natural Energy 6's out there - when you can focus on the positive, the most alive and compelling path you can use your Superpower through the expanded chest to help others see the path of most aliveness for themselves and the world around them. By looking at ourselves truthfully, honestly and bravely, and when we allow ourselves to feel the gifts of the other energies, we can have great positive, powerful, impact on the world around us.


Rest in Peace Joan and Robin  - Thank you for the gifts you gave us.

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