Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith Natural Energy 6 Enliven Us

This video of Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith is an awesome example of Natural Energy 6 in action.  Both share Natural Energy 6.  The process of creating the beatbox video is a great illustration of how they each tune into the energy.  Notice they do not make eye contact when they each are creating their sound track.  But each time they create a layer they pop up and use the connection with the other person to energize the process.  Each iteration you can feel them building the intensity until the track is complete and together they take it over the top.

At 2:45 they start rapping to the beatbox rythym they created and notice how their movement matches, chest popping up and down, gestures around the chest area.  They are both synchronized to the energy and using the energy of each other and then the crowd to continue to bring everyone to their feet singing and dancing.  WIll and Jimmy get everybody up and excited about the fun of life.

Jimmy's intensity is rarely met by his guests - in this case Will meets his intensity and ramps it up another notch.  Notice how much more expanded Will's chest is at the end.  It gets more and more expanded and he allows himself to get more and more intense.

From this piece you get a great sense of how Natural Energy 6 can get people moving, take the static (an ipod app) and make it dynamic a rocking beatbox rap that gets everyone on their feet.

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