Jimmy Fallon and Will.I.Am Natural Energy 6 – Blow you away

This is another incredible example of Natural Energy 6 at work in the world. Jimmy Fallon and Will.I.Am show us the intense fun of moving from their Natural Energy 6 center. You see tons of examples of chest popping, arms gesturing from the center of the sternum. The speed with which they rap, the ease they have in matching eash other, cadence and energy, and movement. This is just super-cool example of 6 movement!

Also enjoy the contrast with the"Step Father Garret" introduced toward the end of the video.  This person had Natural Energy 5, so much fun to see in contrast with the intensity of the Natural Energy 6.  Notice his loose body, suspension from the top of the head, up and down movement.


Here are some of my favorite moments:

At :30  There is a riff by Will-I-am where his chest is lifted and he goes through a series of movements all around the chest area.  Se how both men have lifted and expanded chests - this expansion lets them generate the intensity in this video and to match each other's timing and performance under this high intensity.

Jimmy Fallon Natural energy 6At :50 Fallon models a series of dresses.  Enjoy how he lifts his chest, pops it out and rotates it back and forth - this is a great example of Natural Energy 6 movement.

At 1:00 the start a dance series that again shows their six movement - all leading from the center of the chest.  The center of the chest is where they generate the power and intensity of their movement.

At 11:20 Jimmy Fallon starts a series where he is going extremely fast- again modeling the high intensity chest movement.


At 2:00 the step Dad comes in and provides some serious comic and energetic relief from the intensity of Jimmy and Will.I.Am

Just a great piece and a great example of the power, intensity and aliveness of Natural Energy 6.





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