Interview with Greg Goldin, Natural Energy 1

Path To Wholeness Interview with Greg Goldin

On Being Natural Energy 1

I met Greg Goldin at the Montana Mind Body Soul Fair in Butte Montana.  Both the event and Greg were surprising and quite lovely.  At our first Fair, where we Identified Greg's Natural Energy 1 and the Natural Energy 4 of his friend, we presented 9 Energies and worked with people all day long.  Greg's Natural Energy 1ness shines from him.  I watched him greeting and honoring people.  He met people with grace and ease, a slightly lifted chin and open throat, with soft receptive eyes.  These key markers for Natural Energy 1 were quite visible with Greg.

Greg maintained the relationship with us, continuing to stay in connection in an respectful and honoring way.  We met again at the second Montana Mind Body Soul Faire where Greg was the main greeter for the event.  Again his gentle and honoring way of greeting people made each person feel welcome and happy to be at the fair.  It was fun watching as he instantly created these connections over and over again with each attendee.

In consistent fashion, when I asked Greg is we could interview him for 9 Energies, he graciously agreed and accommodated our schedule nicely.

In this interview with Greg you will see this all in action again.  We go over the physiology and Greg talks about his experience being a Natural Energy 1 as he reflects back over the course of his life.

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