In-Person Identification is On-Hold For the Foreseeable Future

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Determining which Natural Energy is active in you is a physical process. By meeting hand-to-hand with a trained facilitator your body will be strong in one of the 9 Postures of Activation. It does not know how to hold the other postures effectively.  To hold the other Postures you would have to resort to muscular/physical effort until you learn how to activate that center in your body. In addition to the posture that is active for your Natural Energy there is:

  • a specific facial expression,
  • a quality to how the eyes are used and what they look like,
  • an energetic signature that occurs when the Natural Energy is active
  • specific muscular and skeletal body development

You can have your Identification experience at one of our Free Natural Energy Identification events or you can attend one of our Cultivation Workshops where you can get Identified and have a deeper more in-depth experience with your Natural Energy.

  • Exploration events - with pre-approval we can Identify a couple of people at these events
  • Special Events - Farmers Markets, Festivals, Speaking Presentations and more.  Some events are free and some are paid.
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