Heal Yourself with efficiency, integration, harmony and balance

Susan Bennett fisher and Ben Hanawalt talk about how to Heal Yourself through taking care of the alignment of the body.

Path To Wholeness: Ben Hanawalt, Natural Energy 9,

Season 1, Episode 7

"Humanity is one of the most under-used technologies on the Planet"

Susan Bennett Fisher, of 9 Energies  and Ben Hanawalt, Natural Energy 9, talk about what it takes to introduce new information to the world about the body and our physio-spiritual nature.  They talk about the challenges of teaching or healing while including an understanding the 9 Natural Energies. Ben is a practitioner of Structural Integration who has developed his understanding of the body through his training, a committed practice in Tai Chi, and his Natural Energy 9ness. Susan and Ben talk about what it is to be a Natural Energy 9 and Ben's focus on efficiency. Ben talks about what it means to be in harmony with your environment.

Ben Hanawalt, Natural Energy 9, with his broad and flat upper chest, natural fluidity in the body, took to Tai Chi easily. It aligned with his personal experience of how his body awareness  and movement functioned.  The easy flowing movements executed without force came easily to him as a Natural Energy 9. This combined with Structural Integration training allowed him to combine his understanding of how the body is put together, how to put it back into it's proper alignment without forcing it, so that you can heal yourself.

Enjoy this insightful and fun conversation to learn more about 9 Energies, how to heal yourself, Natural Energy 9 and 6, and how it all interacts with other healing modalities.

Music is "Need" (2013 Burning Man Edit) by AmpliPhi (OpenOptics & Dusty Nix)

Ben Hanawalt is based in Bozeman MT, where he works with clients realigning their bodies for efficient pain free movement. He was born and raised here in Montana. He began his career as a blacksmith, and transitioned to being a Structural Integration Practitioner - reworking the alignment of the body, not that dissimilar to reworking the structure of iron through Blacksmithing. For Ben, it is all about understanding the systems, the flow of energy, and bringing it all into harmony and balance, healing yourself through proper body-alignment and awareness of how your body informs you through your Natural Energy.

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