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Give Big Gallatin ValleyJoin 9 Energies in Give Big Gallatin Valley May 2-3, 2019

Knowing your Natural Energy and understanding the other eight creates a connection to yourself and to others that is profound and life-changing. If you are seeking deeper more fulfilling relationships - this information is critical to understanding people and building your tribe. If you care deeply about making a difference with your life - this experience offers a doorway and a path toward a fulfilled and happy life.

9 Energies is committed to offering Natural Energy Identification freely to all who are interested. Your contribution helps us to continue to offer our Identification Events and participate in community events like the Farmer's Market. Our goal is for 80% of Bozeman to know their Natural Energy, to enable us to explore what conscious knowing about this aspect of our human experience could create in community, in families, in people who are working to have a better and more fulfilling experience.


9 Energies is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit which means we rely primarily on donations and sales of our certification courses and other products. You can donate to 9 Energies through Give Big Gallatin Valley to help us achieve and exceed our goals! We also accept donations on our website.
Give Big Goals:
Bring 9 Energies to Bozeman to foster happiness and fulfillment among the members of our growing community.
Raise $1,000 to go toward hosting free events, participation in the Farmer's Market, developing curriculum and hiring MSU student interns.
Identify 50+ people in the greater Gallatin Valley and send them into the community with an idea of how they can use their natural talents and gifts to benefit themselves and those around them.

Giving Times:

Give Big Gallatin Valley begins at 6pm on May 2 and continues all through the night and into the next day till 6pm on May 3. We are glad to receive donations at any time, but there are certain windows where a donation might result in additional prizes for 9 Energies. See the full list of prizes. Here are times we think 9 Energies may be eligible for prizes:

May 2nd
6pm-11pm Golden Tickets, Prime Time, Nonprofit Nightcap, Goodnight Gallatin Valley

May 3rd
6am-7am Rise and Shine
9am-10am Small Nonprofit Donor Challenge
10am-11am Coffee Break
12pm-1pm Lunch Break
4pm-5pm Happy Hour

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