Gabriella Papadakis NE7 and Guillaume Cizeron NE1 – Magic in Motion

We were blown away by the abject vulnerability, beauty and magic of this performance by Gabriella Papadakis Natural Energy 7 and Guillaume Cizeron Natural Energy 1. We felt compelled to look to see what Natural Energy is most active for them. Their facial expression and movement are quite visible in much of what they do, although they have had a deep influence on each other which you can see this in the way they sometimes emulate the facial expression of activation of each other.

Their connection is so strong, to each other and to the ethereal that it creates breathtaking beauty in this video. When they begin their routine at 20 seconds you can see each of them use their movement center to get into the starting position - they are both 100% in the power of their Natural Energy from start to finish in this routine. Watch him lead her into movement with his throat and she follow with her forehead. He often wraps his throat around hers or pulls her through a movement with his throat - so vulnerable and beautiful. You can see her third eye/forehead leading her through her turns and it as if she keeps a direct connection from her third eye to him open at all times.

When they begin the dancing you can see him lead each turn forward with his throat. At 2:00 minutes the music switches to a more 7-like cadence and you can see them begin to bring the NE7 energy into the routine. He is still leading the head movement with the throat, but here you can see her begin to punctuate her movement more dramatically with her forehead. Notice how when they lift the head how her forehead leads the movement and how he opens his throat to create the backward head movement. Then at the end of the performance around 3:30 he opens his throat back and she lays her forehead into his throat. This routine is so beautifully choreographed for them. Another beautiful thing is how she holds her body so vulnerably as they move together - it is a perfect example of NE7 using their connection to the eternal to show us abject openness and vulnerability. Both NE1 and NE7, when they show their deep vulnerability, allow it to be seen by others, we get a direct conneciton to beauty and perfection if ethereal possibility. Watch this at least three times, once for the initial impact, then watch again focusing on each of them separately. It will teach you a great deal about the movement of NE7 vs NE1.

Here is a great shot of them where you can see how their movement center leads them in a similar movement, his throat is totally open and her forehead supports her in this head back position:

Here are some other photos of both of them in their Natural Energy position of activation or leading their movement from their movement center:

Guillame Cizeron NE 1 & Gabriella Papdakis NE7

Guillame Cizeron NE 1 & Gabriella Papdakis NE7

Guillame Cizeron NE 1 & Gabriella Papdakis NE7

Guillame Cizeron NE 1 & Gabriella Papdakis NE7

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