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Once you know your Natural Energy, the conscious connection continues to grow. With practice, it accelerates. Learning how to make specific postural adjustments to provide immediate physical access helps us deal with the world as it presents challenges.

When you first have your identification experience, we notice that people do not retain much of an understanding of what we explain. Coming back after you have had the opportunity to sleep enables you to take in more information. It is a gradual and continual process - experience, integrate the experience, then come back for more. Over time you live more and more directly from your Cosmic Self. The more often you come to have the 9 Energies experience, the more rapidly you accelerate on your path. Exploration evenings are a chance to join in community to build your ability to consciously activate your Natural Energy.

If you would like to have your Natural Energy Identified at this event, please contact us, we are able to accomodate a couple Identifications at each Exploration event with prior approval.


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